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We’re here to assist Australian advisers, accountants and lawyers with a smooth, straightforward transfer of defined benefit and final salary pensions from the UK to Australia.

Transferring pensions from one country to another is a problematic process – highly complex, time consuming and full of complications. By teaming up with Expert Pensions Advice Australia, you can now offer your clients a trusted, seamless transfer service, free from compliance risk, ensuring funds arrive in Australia quickly, easily and ready for you to invest.


We provide you with:
• An experienced and highly knowledgeable expert specialising in UK pension transfers. We don’t outsource and you’ll only deal with us.
• Full admin support in both Australia and the UK during the transfer process. We’ll be accessible every step of the way.
• A project management approach. We take full responsibility for headaches and remove any compliance risk.

Benefits of choosing Expert Pensions Advice Australia

• We are a separate business that can add an additional, highly sought-after service to your existing service fleet. This means you can offer your clients more value without increasing YOUR overheads or outlay.
• While we provide the special superfunds required to receive the pension funds, your clients remain solely with YOU.
• As soon as the funds arrive in Australia, we hand over full control of the additional Funds Under Management to YOU.
• We can also offer strategic advice for under 55s or those unable to access their UK pensions right away. Think of this as a “phase 1” transfer, where the currency is in control and future investment options can be maximised.

How it works

1. Get in touch with us. Let’s have a chat about your client’s circumstances and objectives.
2. Let’s get compliance ticked off. Together, we can determine the viability of the transfer. If it’s a green light, we’ll let you know what you’ll need to collect from your client.
3. We get digging. This is the part where we collate information from the pension schemes.
4. We offer our full list of recommendations. Of course, all advice will be UK compliant.
5. If you’re happy with the recommendations, we proceed with transferring the funds to Australia.
6. When they arrive, it’s over to you for advice and investment options.

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