UK migrants and expats can access considerable tax and financial benefits by having their pensions transferred to Australia


Expert Pensions Advice UK are specialists who stay up-to-date with frequent changes to pension, taxation, and finance regulations in the UK and Australia, protecting clients from hefty penalties for non-compliance, which can reach up to 55% of the fund value.

There are many factors to consider with the transfer of pensions, particularly the tax implications, and which option might be the best for each unique individual circumstance.

For some, that may mean keeping the money in the UK and receiving a regular income stream for life. For others, transferring benefits within a reasonable timeframe, and managing any of the taxation liabilities is the most appropriate option.

We will consider all possible options that best suit your financial goals and situation. If you would like to speak to us about your UK pension and the potential to bring the funds into Australia, please contact

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